Stranger Things is TV show produced by Netflix that first aired last year. It is a mixture of science fiction and thriller that captivated me since the first episode: a boy goes missing but his mother starts receiving signals such as lights switching on and off. His group of 12-year-old friends don’t believe he is dead and start looking for alternative theories, that in the end are going to be proven right. The first season is highly recommendable but the second is highly disappointing.

The second season lacks all the elements that made the first one a great show; the story is very superficial: a monster tries to kill everybody, there is almost no suspense at all. The other element missing is the tension that was created by the spectator relating to the mother seeing things but also maintaining a bit of skepticism.

Moreover, Eleven, the girl that appears in the first season and that has telekinetic powers meets a fellow ‘special girl’. A complete out of topic story, and since I’ve just read that the creators are aiming for a third season (and maybe even finishing the story with a 4th or 5th) I totally see that the series is going to diverge into a superheroes kind of show. Very far away from how it started.

I was highly disappointed; it is hard to refuse to watch the second season of a show when the first one was so good. I would have preferred a story completely independent from the first season, maybe in the same environment, like how Fargo did.

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