Clinton vs Trump polls

I have been listening a lot to people saying that the results of the US election some days ago has to be blamed to social networks, or as now is fashionable to call them social media. Mainly the point is that normally we have friends on Facebook with whom we share political thoughts. Therefore the news they post online are the ones that represent our own opinions and we loose the full spectrum there is around. Therefore we are just reinforcing what we already think and we will miss the point. In this way we will not get in contact with other realities, we think Clinton is a secure bet and we loose all our money in the hands of the electorate council or whatever it is called in the US.

Today, I’ve found this ridiculous article at the Huffington Post with the title Bernie Sanders could replace president Trump with little-known loophole. It’s just a joke to prove the point that people share news based on titles and never reads the article. It goes even further saying that we should verify sources, google and do all the job a journalist is payed to do. To point the author of the article is missing completely is that it was not social media the one that got it wrong. It was the traditional media that missed completely the results of the election.

The image that opens this post is the average of the polls day by day before the election; you may check directly on Real Clear Politics. Almost no media generator could anticipate the results of the elections. They were replicating wrong information over and over. And then there is one journalist that blames the consumer because of his poor approach to information. Professional journalists, working in credited mass media outlets now want to send the ball in our direction, saying that we should have googled more. I guess it is time for them to start doing their job correctly, or just openly admit that what they do is not that different from running a blog in between breaks at work.

It is time for mass media to recognize that they were betting high and now they lost. I hope now journal readers finally realize that every single publication has an agenda behind. Doesn’t matter how many sources you average, if their interests were aligned, you will be misinformed. Now it’s because of an election everybody could see the results, but what happens when it is the invasion of a country, the torture and imprisonment of innocents, the deportation of immigrants from the US during the Obama administration?

Anyways, better keep the Facebook cocoon of information; is as predictive as looking around into reality with the colored newspapers glasses, but much more comforting. Enjoy your weekend!

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