Some days ago the Falcon Heavy became the largest rocket available for bringing satellites to orbit and beyond. Without entering into the details of such an achievement, let me share with you an amazing video of the launch and posterior landing, but this time with binaural audio. Plug in your earphones and listen for around 10 minutes. Destin, from Smarter Every Day, has made an amazing job; according to him, this is the closest you can be without actually being here, as the sound you listen to during take-off and landing is even more powerful than the images you see.

Binaural audio works by taking into account that you actually have a head, generating not only a slight delay between what your left and right ears listen to, but also the frequencies that reach one or the other. You can see a quick explanation in this video waling around Machu Picchu. There are no doubts that the result is simply amazing. The Sound Traveler has plenty of other examples. You can be transported to Munich, to Egypt and of course, to the terrace of the Vehicle Assembly Building.

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