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Something I learned over time is that I like teaching. Especially if it is not on a full-time basis. I started organizing workshops to help researchers speed up their development of solutions. I realized that starting to program solutions for instrumentation takes too much trial and error, and is hard to keep an eye on the big picture.

The workshops are tailored to scientists, mostly from universities or institutes, and focus on transmitting best practices. With the condensed knowledge it is easy to get started quickly, with an approach that has proved to be reliable in the long run. The feedback I've received from Students has always been very positive, and that is one of the reasons that keeps me going.

Lessons Learned

Choosing the topics for a 3-day workshop requires a lot of reflection. I had to really focus on what I wanted to transmit, what were the goals, and only then I could develop the lessons. It took some trial and error until I could get the proper flow, not to over extend the time spent on some less important topics. I always keep some room to custom solutions, some groups of people are more verse in some topics and want to learn others.